Useful news and eco tips for December: Cocaine, Investments in Coal, Energy Efficiency affect Economy, Investing in Rewilding, Skiiing being hit by Climate Change

Coal doesn’t get investment even though gone up 10x in price!

Even when coal prices have gone up 10 times, companies are failing to get the investment for more mining. This is due to the campaigns and commitments made by banks. Finally, sense prevails. Bank wisely and lobby for change - it makes a difference.

Regular cocaine use can equal a third of your emissions

Did you know for every gramme of cocaine snorted up someone’s nose 109kg of carbon is released? If you buy a gramme every two weeks you’re increasing your carbon emissions by a third - more than the emissions from your food. So if you’re thinking about cutting your carbon emissions cut down or cut out cocaine use!

UK Government Lack of Investment in Energy Efficiency pushes down our Economy

An international report by the OECD places a big reason for Britain’s economic downturn due to the lack of targeted support to reduce energy demand. The government should be funding energy efficiency measures to cut carbon and save money!

Invest as little as £50 in rewilding in Britain!

You can now invest in Rewilding! Thanks to pioneers individuals can make an investment of as little as £50 and get a 5% annual return. Now that’s making a Better Century.

Climate change hits Austria’s economy as Skiing Seasons are Shortened

Austria has to rethink tourism as rise of 0.3 degrees a year results in losing a month a year of skiing. Millions are being spent on producing melting snow. It’s time to look at mitigating climate change for the benefit of everyone - even skiers!

Something for carbon geeks - a Footprint Comparison of Carbon Emissions Per Capita and By Nation