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The way we use our homes could actually result in a net benefit to the environment. We can generate energy at home whilst using entirely renewable energy, and can improve wildlife around where we live. Learn more and join the discussion.


Every one of us makes decisions every day that can create a better environment for the future. It could be the mobile phone you use, the clothes you buy, the food you eat… How do we get started? Join the discussion by replying or start your own topic.


Transport accounts for 27% of carbon emissions in the UK and is the biggest contributor to climate change. But how do we best shift the gear in our approach!? Join the discussion or start your own topic and share your experience.


Money is an extension of ourselves. Where we put our money should reflect our values, and if we want to make a Better Century, then our money should work for this same purpose. How do you do that? Join the discussion or start your own topic.


Places where we eat, work, play, or are cared for, could use less resource. Even towns and cities can make policy changes to improve the environment. These places are serviced by the community and therefore can be influenced by us. Share what you’re doing and ask what can be done to improve your places.