Last week on Better Century; Ethical Investing, Smart meters, Organic Milk Delivery, Mobile Phone, Getting Councils to Declare Climate Emergency and so much more!

Your money can make a Better Century, one we can all be proud of. John Ditchfield, a member and specialist in this field has written a need to know (short) guide to sustainable and responsible investing, just for our site. Come and get his advice for free on our site!

Experiences of Smart Meter have been hit and miss and so we’ve started talking about it. One of our members has found an organic milk delivery company, where you can get milk in glass (such a rarity these days!). We’ve also had a great bit information shared about how to make your mobile phone longer lasting on our ethical mobile phone topic.

How do you actually get a council to declare a climate emergency and what do they need to do to enact such a declaration? A really important series of topics that continue to be explored in Better Century.

Join us and help make a century we can all be proud of!