News this week; Solar panel that work at night, community group impacts, new electrical storage, sharing ground source heating and much more!

Here are a few good news stories about technology, community action and climate friendly investments that may lift your day. Check them out and do comment.

A process called radiative cooling is allowing for solar panels to work at night! These panels can produce a quarter of the power of photovoltaic panels. Check out more here.

Manningtree has shown how community groups can make a massive impact for the climate and environment. Check out this article about the town on the sea which is making waves.,using%20unnecessary%20single-use%20plastics.

Check out these in development cells that can convert heat into electricity with a higher efficiency that steam engines. The future of electricity storage could be in these little beauties!

Shared ground source heating could provide heat to 80% of homes in the UK. These heating systems would allow for only a small heat pump in each home.

Check out Taylors of Harrogate tea company. They’ve gone carbon neutral; installed solar panels, gone zero waste and are working on their supply chain to do the same. This is leadership, this is climate action, and it takes years. 5 years for them to be carbon neutral. Need support? We can help.

Charities can make climate-friendly investments even if it means lower returns and higher risk. High court ruling supports trustees to make climate mitigating investments with pension funds and charity funds. Check out this important ruling here;