Reports on COP26

Thought I’d start this space to share info on COP26. Please share stuff you find about COP by replying to this thread.

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I’ve watched a little of on YouTube and have also caught the channel 4 news. The main bits commitments I’ve gleaned are:

  • China isn’t attending but has already established some considerable commitments (net zero by 2041)

  • India has pledged carbon neutral by 2070.

  • US has promised an ambitious plan but has not given any details (shallow speech from Biden)

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Been watching a bit of If you’re interested check out the below:

Also Nature4Climate Channel on YouTube:

SkyNews also following COP on youtube:

I am sure most have seen the coverage from COP. The agreement reached is unfortunately not enough. There are commitments to phase out coal as well as there being yet another delay until we get further advances on national commitments.

I for one am not surprised at the outcome. We are still bargaining with this issue and frankly the change required can’t be top down in needs to happen across society.

I implore you to not lose hope. We are the change required. Every one of us that make changes in our own lives. We are the solution.

So please continue to bring the change to organisations your involved with, your family and friends.

In unwavering hope.