The carbon footprint of using data?

Having heard from a friend that there has been some analysis on mobile phone use and it’s carbon impact vs using broadband I thought I’d do a bit of research. I didn’t turn up much but here are a few funny reports I stumbled across.

There’s a report on watching football matches on your phone - 10 times more carbon to watch on mobile data vrs broadband, equivalent to 10 miles travelled in the car, much better to watch on shared screen with friends, and Gary Neville said

"When it comes to cutting your own carbon bootprint, it is all about understanding your impact and making sensible choices to reduce it.

“The best thing fans can do is share the experience of watching a match, either by watching the game with each other, or travelling together to the stadium,”

O2 did a report on their environmental impact from phone use - 1 minute voice call equivalent to boiling water to make a cup of team.

This report on internet use (by far most detailed and useful) - sending 20 emails a day is equivalent of driving 1,000 miles…

Makes me just think we should spend less time faffing around on electronic devices!

Also - happy to say that Better Century is hosted by servers powered by 100% renewable energy!

Anyone got other useful reports to share on this?