NetPositiveLifeApp - Check it out!

Worried your lifestyle changes don’t add up to enough to help tackle climate change and biodiversity loss?

The narrative about personal action is negative and often polarising. It doesn’t have to be that way - we can all have a plan to a #NetPositiveLife.

You might love renewable tech, you might love eating plant based food, you might love riding a bike. A world that improves nature and climate welcomes everyone and it doesn’t mean you have to do all of these things!

We need a personalised planning tool not a carbon footprint tool that tells you how bad and impossible it is. That is what we’ve done with our web based NetPostiveLifeApp.

The tool gives you the carbon and nature footprint of an average UK citizen and then you plan actions over the next 7 years to have a #NetPositiveLife. The great thing is we also cost your actions with costs and savings - I think you will find the results of that astonishing.

Hit the link to explore the actions you can take, and then sign up with 1months free access to get the planning tool (it’s only £20 a year).