What's the most eco way of working on a computer?

Hello everyone!

So I have a situation: I currently work from home and can use many hours per day in computing time - time spent on my laptop writing, etc.

I purchase renewable electricity through Octopus currently, but am thinking there could be a more direct way of using renewable energy whilst working. Other than getting solar panels or a wind turbine installed - would it work out economical and environmentally friendly to purchase small solar cells, such as those designed to charge mobile phones? And maybe a battery pack?

Does anyone have recommendations for the best of these products and at best prices?

I saw either a Kickstarter or Crowdfunder ad by a company in Brighton that manufactures mobile battery packs from old plastic shopping bags and the like. But I have not been able to find their ad again - does anyone know who this company is? I’d like to keep tabs on them, maybe buy their product and send my lockdown Sainsbury’s bags to them!

Back to the main point - if I can get some battery and solar charger recommendations, then I will test how much energy my computer uses (its only a Surface Go) and buy whatever is best for my needs.

Please let me know if you can help with this? And maybe also best tips for measuring my PC energy usage? I know there are apps and also some plug in devices - what’s best?

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Stuart, would love to help but haven’t ever done this. Love the idea though!

Let us know if you have any success in getting something set up or what your research yields.