Last month on Better Century; challenges & pledges, heat pumps, climate denial, EVs, carbon from phones and carbon footprinting

It’s been an interesting month. We’ve covered a lot of territory. Getting to the bottom of mobile phones and their impact on carbon emissions is helping put people straight as has the development of information to counter climate deniers. We’ve also had some great information shared by @tomkiss, a new blogger to our community, and @Greg_Kirkby has been awarded the new user of month badge due to his help of others.

The most popular content this month with over 800 views is the community created Better Guide to Buying and Electric Vehicle. A number of those interested in owning an EV have come to Better Century for more information. Our peer support network can really help anyone with this and people are realising it.

The newly release Plastic Waste Challenge has been taken up by scores of people in under a week. The Low Carbon Transport Challenge has also had a good reception with over 200 people looking at the challenge but many have been reluctant to commit. The pledge to keep carbon emissions to under 2.5 tonnes of CO2 (in line with the Paris Climate Change Agreement) has proved a big commitment but hopefully with the guidance on how to it, more should get involved.

Check out all those people who’ve taken on a challenge to help make a Better Century. Please join them!

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