Sharing amazing council policies you've discovered

We want to create a mini resource of amazing policies councils have created so that this may inspire people to push for the same through their council.

What policies have you discovered which you think others should implement? Would be great if you could share a brief on the policy and a link to a resource to where to council declared the policy or a resource on the council website where it’s stored.

It could be:

  • Transport policy e.g. zero-emissions zones or creation of bicycle lanes.
  • Waste policy e.g. pay per weight of bins or special recycling or composting facilities.
  • Buildings policy e.g. energy efficiency standards, renewable energy or heating, biodiversity creation.
  • Green space creation or management e.g. tree planting, wildlife management, road verge management.
  • Spatial planning e.g. green infrastructure, canopy cover

Or any other policies which you think other councils should use. Please feel free to link to any other discussions you think are relevant.