Neighbourhood Plans and criteria for planning permission

Hello our village is currently doing our Neighbourhood Design Plan and we have the opportunity to suggest that any householder getting planning permission for house alteration/conversion will be required to include at least 5 of the 10 green/wilde ideas as part of the scheme and any developer would be required to include 8 out the 10 green/wilder ideas. Eg Swift Boxes, recycling of wood off cuts to say free cycle.

What things would you suggest that we put into our menu of options? We want to make it the best list to support the environment and wildlife.

best green wishes,


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Would energy saving and renewable solutions be appropriate/allowed, such as solar panels, car charging ports, etc?

This sounds like a great idea! After doing a little bit of reading, it seems that some of the most unsustainable aspects of extensions and conversions are related to waste. Roughly 30% of waste in landfills are from buildings and demolition projects! Also, 13% of all products delivered to constructions sites are often sent straight to landfills without even being used!

I think it would be great for projects to consider the materials they use and find alternatives to landfill dumping.

Maybe ensure they fit electric car charging points either inside their garage or outside in a convenient location, even if they don’t have or want an electric car the next people to move in might…although by 2035 I guess we will all have them !

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