Should the government implement a pay per weight of waste policy?

This is an interesting one. Ireland and Norway have implemented a pay-per-weight of waste policy whereby bins are weighed when picked up from a property and by using a chip system the property can be directly charged for the amount of waste it produces. It’s very forward looking and makes a lot of sense.

What do people think? Could it be implemented on a District Council level? (would be very demanding on the waste management company!)

Paper here, article below.

My local council recently added a £30 yearly charge to pick up garden waste. This caused a lot of controversy and 1 local political group is saying they would scrap it if they win next local elections.

I think the reason it was so controversial isnt because people grudge paying to have waste picked up it is the motivs behind the charge which came at a time when the council’s administration simply wanted to make money. It is not to help mitigate waste.

I believe in Eire all wheelie bins are coded and read for weight when emptied then the home owner is billed each month for waste removal by weight. I know this as the bloke who designed it all lives just down the road from me in Halifax !

That’s really interesting. I didn’t know this was something being used by a local authority. It proves it can be implemented locally. Time to get others working with councils to push for these changes!

BTW- do you like/approve of the scheme?

Mixed feelings as it feels like a back door tax plus it will lead to even more fly tipping which is already a blight where I live