What is the best local authority or council policy you've found to make things better?

I thought I’d start this thread to get people thinking about some great things councils could do in terms of policy to make a city or local authority better for it’s people. I’m thinking… has any local authority cracked waste - recycling seems such a mess, it would be great if we could have examples of local authorities who’ve actually done this well… Also - what about green space standards… or standards for housing… any standards which people could point to would be super useful. Potentially we could create a vision of local policy that could make things better…

Going to kick us off with some examples I thought I’d share something they’ve done at High Wycombe council - 25% tree canopy cover for all future developments!!! Pretty cool…

We come under Croydon who seem pretty good for waste. Local tip has big signs letting people know what percentage of waste has been recycled. Clearly only those who are interested will take note but good that they are raising awareness. They have simplified our recycling by converting to 4 wheelie bins (garden waste included) rather than boxes which the foxes used to raid. Big stickers on the bins so everyone knows what goes where!

Thought i’d Share what Dorset are doing with their road verges… Saving money, time and improving biodiversity!

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Love this! Hope it gets approved!

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