Local Retrofit Hub

Hi everyone, I just discovered Better Century today and am really encouraged to see a community energy group which tackles renewable heating, and novel ways to fund it. I’m at the very early stages of starting a hub for knowledge sharing on home decarbonisation in Birmingham, with the aim of allowing householders to share experience and build confidence in the solutions, as well as providing pointers to resources, funding, etc. Here’s a first draft outlining the aims - very much a work in progress!

I just thought I’d reach out and see if anyone is involved in anything similar, in case there’s a chance to exchange ideas and avoid overlap. It would also be interesting to better understand how community funding models can work. We don’t have anything like a Carbon Co-op in the Midlands, and it seems like an essential gap to fill before we start seeing efficiency requirements for homes ramp up in earnest, and the end of gas boiler sales.

So it’s a bit of an open-ended post, but I’d really appreciate any input. you might have.

Hey Lewis - nice to meet you. We’re doing a bit of work in this space. I do think the Carbon Co-Op is the model to go for.

Creating advice that can support homeowners, as well as a model for coordinating works is definitely the way forward. Demonstration projects are crucial.

Afraid I’m not doing anything locally in this area but am doing some work to decarbonise rental stock at a national level.