This week on Better Century; air source heat pumps, tyre pollution, eco-anxiety, and carbon offsetting

Energy from heating homes makes up 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To transition, alternatives are needed to oil and gas. Air source heat pumps are a likely candidate for this transition. A member has shared a blog on their experience of this technology whilst another living on a static houseboat has been supported in their thinking about using this technology.

Tyre pollution is our topic of the week. With this source causing more air pollution than from the tailpipe and up to 30% of microplastics in our rivers and oceans, alongside the serious end of life carbon emissions from burning tyres, we should all think what we can do about the tyres we use. This undiscovered truth needs more innovation and market pressure so we can reduce our use of this impactful resource.

The hottest day ever and reported wildfires in the artic, make people more aware of climate change. We’ve been talking about eco anxiety and how people are responding. It’s an issue which faces all of us especially the young and those who care.

Everyone’s actions result in carbon emissions, especially if you choose to fly. Carbon offsetting is a possible solution. Our members have shared what schemes they’ve used and why.

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