This Week on Better Century; Oxford Uni Freshers' Fair, sustainable pet food, religion and climate change, the circular economy and more!

FRESH off the back of Oxford University Freshers’ Fair we were excited to welcome a bunch of new members- don’t forget to join the group if you’re an Oxford student!

We also got talking about sustainable pet food, how religion influences climate change, the role of a circular economy in tackling the climate and ecological crisis and the biggest horror story of 2019.

Want to take action?

Find out how to get your local council to declare a climate emergency

Or want to support this community directly?

Help @Tom fix his dishwasher, read @Theblackgardenerblog’s blog on the Big Climate Fightback for the Woodland Trust or help @Katie_Wightman with ideas surrounding her work in developing property for vulnerable individuals and their families.

Finally, watch this super informative and straight forward video if you want to help yourself untangle the complex topic that is plastic pollution!

Until next week!

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