Community Drop In’s

I was at a large car dealership recently and thought wouldn’t it be good to have local drop-in’s where you can have a coffee, meet with a potential client listen to a speaker or just read a book. Maybe a small monthly subscription to gain access. It would need to be a classy place with a cracking coffee shop, maybe even sell locally produced items be like those smart car receptions / top class hotel front of house. I would like to think it could be part of a local ‘power-house’ regeneration scheme properly funded until it can become self-financing by letting out rooms for meetings, networking and events etc. It would give a sense of community where businesses and local folk could congregate, mix and communicate together as one group…what’s your thoughts on this folks ?

It would be great to have some community space for this type of thing. What you thinking? A place to talk about sustainability stuff or just general?

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Just a place where everyone can go, Library, coffee shop, meeting place. Since posting I’ve been looking online and found the Chinese Nio car company have something like this for all their car owners ( They are making Nio car ownership a way of life incorporating a fraternity club house atmosphere. Something along those lines in every village, town and city. We have bits of it already in a fragmented way, the pub, library, coffee shop etc but its not focussed … somewhere smart and modern within walking distance with parking and electric car charging (7Kw, nothing ‘fast’) somewhere where you want to be !

Most towns now have empty shops which don’t really do anything for the area. Perhaps something could be done with these smaller units

It’s a point although I,was thinking something larger where maybe 20 or 30 local businesses could network, people come use the WiFi buy coffee etc in a really smart place where you want to visit