Has anyone come across or use the library of things?

I recently came across the Library of Things where you can borrow items instead of buying them. You can simply borrow things like you may use a library book.

Has anyone used this? Any particular views?

I have come across it, and think it’s a wonderful idea. On a large scale it reduces resource use and encourages community engagement and wellbeing, whilst also providing high quality goods to use at low prices: a true win-win!

Unfortunately my closest is in Crystal Palace which is a bit too far for me to travel. They do offer support to communities who are interested in setting one up in their own area though - maybe something that could start if there’s enough local support for certain area in Better Century? I would love to see some form of library of things for every neighborhood in the future!

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Thanks Zak! Do you know how one gets set up locally? I’m totally thinking about setting up a load of mini initiatives in my home town Bicester.

The library of things have their own team that help set up new sites - https://www.libraryofthings.co.uk/new-sites - I’d be interested to hear if you get set up either independently or with their help!

I know them well - a brilliant group of inspiring women lead it. But it is still small scale - I doubt they will expand out of London in the next 12 months or so. But they plan to spread across the UK - probably through a sort of social franchising model.

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Hi I think switching to an access based economy where we borrow rather than buy is a crucial step towards sustainable business. I’ve done some research on libraries of things and we hope to set something up at the University of Southampton, but I’d love for shops to switch to this mode of consumption - I reckon if it was MotherShare not Mothercare it may have survived. Imagine being able to buy a years membership to the fashion or sports dept at John Lewis at Xmas for example rather than gifts that probably won’t be used.

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