Community Resilience

These are unusual times and I have been a little distracted this week from my usual sustainability concerns. However, I’m trying really hard to continue as many of my new habits as possible and find that gives me some structure, in what could otherwise become complete anarchy in my life.

This week I have discovered a community resilience network that I never knew existed. I was looking for a way of helping local people who are isolating because if the Coronavirus, and fell upon a local team of volunteers. They are a social enterprise linked in with our local council (here’s the connection with my usual topic) and seem to have been set up to support local communities during flooding events and other emergencies, and are very aware of the risks in our area from climate change.

The volunteers will help out in all sorts of different situations, so tomorrow’s job is getting signed up and I’m ready to go. I feel heartened by the fact that it’s another local group who are helping and preparing for the impacts of climate change, although I will probably be starting off with shopping and welfare calls.

It’s worth digging around a bit to see what’s out there locally.

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Good tip. Connecting with our community is going to be important now and forevermore, will check it out.

I’ve done the same - a note came through my door on Wednesday evening from one of our neighbours who has set up a group to support people in our village, so I offered my help and am now part of a what’s app group. If someone needs something, the lady running it will send a message and one of us volunteers replies if we can help out. She then messages us separately with what needs doing - yesterday it was delivering a prescription to the local chemists.

And my mum with her local WI buddies (can I call them buddies - these are 80 year old ladies that I am talking about ?!), have created a list of all the local people they know who live alone, and are going to ring them on a regular basis for a chat and check in.

It’s not climate related, but these activities will build stronger communities - and hopefully that will mean we are prepared to act together on future issues

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