Anyone got a fix for a dishwasher which is fusing the board?

So, have a really annoying thing at home that the dishwasher is fusing part of the house. It’s resetting the plug switches every time it does it so is pretty annoying.

@beckettcatherine found a few things on Mumsnet with others who were having the same problem (please share links on this topic). It appears the heating unit can fuse, so can water in the system which can be unrepairable.

Does anybody have any experience of this?

I’m sorry to say that we had someone around and they said that the heating unit was fusing the housing system, and that was because it was so old. It would have cost ~£200 to have it replaced and as the dishwasher was 15 years old this would one of a series of problems we would have with the machine.

We got a A+++ dishwasher to replace it for £389 and the other one was sent to be recycled!