The radical act of fixing my toaster!

For the last couple of months, my poor toaster has been sidelined to the “sick appliances” cupboard.

Symptoms included:

  1. First toast slot not working
  2. Ominous sparks visible when looking down into the toaster during operation.

Spurred on by the idea that fixing this item would not only be a way to resurrect my beloved toaster but would also be a quiet form of radical activism for the planet, I grabbed my tools and set to work yesterday evening.

I would like to stress that I have no particular electrical skills except a hazy recollection of school phyics lessons but nonetheless, a mere 3 hours later I had a fully functional toaster again. :heart_eyes:

I am so completely stoked about this small success. It has really made me feel great.

Fixing things is fun. It feels even better to know that I won’t be contributing to the ecological impact of buying another toaster. Also, my old toaster is sooooo much better than those modern upstarts. I love it more than ever :heart_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl:


If anyone else out there has a toaster that needs fixing and they need a bit of guidance. I just found this awesome site. has loads of instructions for fixing things, from iPads to toasters. Love it :smile:

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I love this little story Russell!

It got me thinking about the all important 6 Rs (rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse and of course, REPAIR). And the fact that ‘repair’ is particularly satisfying. Not only are you reducing your impact and saving money but now you also get to be super chuffed at the fact that you just did a thing you probably thought you couldn’t do… AND you taught yourself a new skill. Love it! :muscle: Currently looking around my apartment wondering what I can tinker with :joy:

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Thanks @Helen. Good luck with your tinkering!