Has anyone taken up the Green Homes Grant? - If so... what was your experience?

I’m thinking about getting some cavity wall insulation and will use the Green Homes Grant, and I’m also doing a bit of research to understand what people’s experiences have been. Has anyone done it? What has been your experience?

I haven’t taken it up yet, but I’ve just been told that it might be better for me than RHI because a) I’ve got a relatively small property and b) I may not stay in it for 7 years. Anyway, I’m hoping to make a decision quite soon, so I would also be interested to know of others’ experiences.

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I just had the cavity wall checked and found out that I already have some insulation in there - so am about to investigate loft insulation, draught-proofing and radiator controls. I want to get the house in a place so that when we need a new heating system (next 2 years) we will install a heat pump.

@Libby - hear the grant payment gets taken off your RHI so suppose that means there is a smaller capital outlay and reduces losses if you move before the 7 years is up. Wonder - do the people buying the property continue to receive the RHI payments? - Imagine there’s a way for you to continue getting them?

I’ve just been told that I keep getting the RHI payments even if I move. But I was also told it’s a choice of Green Homes Grant or RHI. And there’s another RHI connected payment (MMCS? Something like that) expected to end in January

It’s the Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP), which is basically a facility which allows for automated payments of the RHI and gives additional initial payment and ongoing payments. It’s well worth it especially if you’re thinking about moving out.

Thanks - I’m not planning to move out (only moved in a week ago!) but don’t necessarily see myself staying here 7 years, as I’m involved with a co-housing group. The person who quoted me says they’re expecting notice that the MMSP will finish soon and then it will just be Greener Homes or RHI