Can a tumble dryer be eco-friendly?


I hate to say it, but I live with someone who really wants a tumble dryer.

My initial reaction is that this is a very un-eco-friendly piece of tech to bring into the home. But I understand the problem very well with trying to dry clothes in the winter.

So here’s the matter: How can we buy as green a tumble dryer as possible?

There seems to be something positive about integrated heat pump dryers. Should this be the way to go?

Hope the community can advise? Best Stuart.

Suppose my answer to this is ‘no’ as there is always embedded carbon in objects bought of this nature but from a life-cycle assessment of a washing machine (must be similar components) this is only 240KG of CO2 so it could be worse on that front.

You should also think about the waste but these days most components do get re-used if they’re disposed of well so that’s great.

Now - on usage. Realistically, unless your tumble dryer is consuming energy from a Solar Array on your roof or attached battery, then there are carbon emissions from you drying your clothes. A renewable electricity tariff does help but I don’t think it give a cart Blanche on the use of electricity. The reality is that electricity you use comes from the grid so for every 1kWhr you use to dry your clothes you’re using 0.23571 kgCO2e.

Hey - I’ve got one - but I do try and convince my wife to dry during the day and I am always pushing for clothes to be hung up! :slight_smile:

Hi Tom. Thanks for this.

Very good points, which confirm my understanding.

I can already see it that I will be having the same battle as you are - to advise for the use of our tumble dryer to be limited as much as possible!

Hi Tom and all

We’re likely now to purchase a Blomberg heat pump tumble dryer due to energy usage and long-term (hopeful) savings.

But before we purchase, I was hoping someone here might have knowledge of the manufacturing/other eco-credentials of the Blomberg brand?

For instance - can someone check on the Which? eco recommended list to help me out? Would be great to know just how green this purchase will be!

Hope you can help?