The nursery my child goes to uses plastic too much. Has anyone campaigned successfully to get their kids school/nursery to change practices?

Every time I get some wet or dirty clothes back from the nursery, they put them in a plastic nappy bag. It really annoys me, but I don’t want to be one of those naysayers, I’d prefer to offer them an alternative.

Has anyone else noticed this from places where they’re working or having their child attend?

What should I do to get this place to change it’s practices?

Group up with other parents to lobby? Find an alternative and present it to them - expecting a cost driven answer?

Really pleased to have persuaded the catering team in my school to move away from single use plastic bottles and cups at trainning events we run. We now have lovely glass bottles and ceramic cups. Drinks taste better too!

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Our nursery use reusable cups etc but also send home wet clothes in nappy bags. Having spoken to the management this is for hygiene reasons. They have said it is not practical to put muddy/ wet from the garden clothes into one type of bag and wet clothes from accidents into another type of bag. Parents generally weren’t keen on having a reusable bag that they had to wash. I think their practical concerns were valid.

We now have a group of parent reps and one of the first things we have asked is ways that we can encourage the children to recycle and be mindful of waste. They are putting recycling bins into each room so the children can be asked to put waste into the correct bin. They are now using big pots of yogurt etc that are then portioned into bowls to reduce waste.

We found going to the managers with suggestions of ways things could be improved rather than problems worked well. And be prepared to listen to reasons why things may not work!!