Washable diapers

Hi all! I am mother of two babies, one about to stop using diapers and the other one just started. I used washable diapers with y first daughter for a while, I tried several brands but all came out to the same ending: red rashes. I washed them with different soaps and no bleach or softener and changed her very frequently so that she wasn’t wet a long time, but still she got very bad rashes. Perhaps it was her skin (although on soaps, creams, lotions, SPFs and all other skin-related stuff she does pretty ok). I had to go back to disposable :frowning: Any alternatives you wanna share? I’m looking forward to using washable again with my little one. Best to all,

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Hi Sandra. We’ve found it difficult as well. We have two children, the second of which is just coming out of nappies at the age of three :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (we’ve tried very hard to get her potty trained but is very difficult). For both we have used a mixture of Milo nappies (see piece from my wife below) and Kit & Kin which sends packets of nappies every month, which are 98% biodegradable.

What I have found out is in the UK there is a nappy bank in the UK where you can get pre-used reusable nappies, and can test the various products.

I wonder whether there is something similar in Mexico?


Well in Mexico, mostly between moms, we exchange or buy mostly reused baby stuff. Just recently I sold 15 washable diapers to a friend, who will pass them on to his sister. I know of many moms here that bought used washables and, if they didn’t work for them, either they traded them or sold them.

On the other hand, I did the same as “the great nappy debate” did, I used washables while at home and disposables when outside. My daugher is now 2 years and 5 months and she’ll start potty training next week at school and at home. Lets hope for the best (no more diapers for one!.. and one to go).