Social Media Opportunities - Need Your Help

Hey guys!

I have been creating some posts for our Social Media pages. If anyone is willing to retweet/repost on their own personal accounts, this would really help push out our message!

Social media is an amazing tool to get our message across and to reach out to others who want to join our community.

Our social media handles for you to follow/ share are:

Instagram: @better_century

Twitter: @bettercentury

LinkedIn: Better Century

Facebook: Better Century

I’m really trying to focus on getting our Instagram following up, as I think there is huge potential on this platform.

Another thing - we have some key groups on Facebook that we are already a part of. If anyone is able/willing to post on these groups on behalf of Better Century, that would be fantastic. Message me if you want more details on how you can help in this way. The name of some Key large groups:

Extinction Rebellion London

30 Days Wild

Solar Panels

Gardening for World Life

Permaculture UK

Also, we have a Social Media Centurite group that you are all welcome to join. We’d love to incorporate everyone’s ideas into our posts. For example, if you found a discussion or webinar particularly interesting, or you wanted to share your thoughts on something that has been recently posted, this is great to post on your personal account (and tag Better Century on whatever forum), or to post on the Social Media Centurite group and I can schedule it onto our social media calendar.

Please reply to this message/ send me a private message if you have any questions, want to get involved with Social Media on a regular or one off basis, or have any ideas on how we can promote these channels further - and unlock our social media community.

Thanks again everyone,


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