Volunteers required to find partners for Better Century

The next phase of Better Century’s development is about to get underway. We are now over 500 members, have an incredible body of information to share and have the ability to help everyone on their journey to living more sustainably. We have an amazing community, it’s time we got bigger, quickly, so the impact the information we share can be felt far and wide.

We’re going to achieve this by partnering with every organisation in the UK (and eventually worldwide) which is committed to tackling the environmental crisis. From NGOs and charities which are doing amazing work through to businesses and associations that have the solutions to help avert an environmental catastrophe. We are offering partnerships for free so everyone can benefit from the Better Century community.

Our dream is for everyone with the desire, knowledge and experience to come together to make this a Better Century, one we can all be proud of. The change required to avert an environmental crisis is enormous but together we can turn it around!

Better Century’s strength is in its community, without it we are nothing. We have built this community on a shoestring so that our foundation is not hindered by investors or shareholders. We need your help now to help us achieve our joint ambition; to improve the use and sharing of resources to create an environment where all life thrives.

Volunteer to help us find partners

We have created a group so that those who can volunteer their time to help, can have a committed online, supported space, to do this work from home.

You can join this group freely if you’re a member of Better Century and can provide your suggestions. There’s a working list of partners which you can scrutinise and a brief of what we’re exactly looking for. If you’re really keen you can commit more time through the volunteer Research Associate Group.

Get involved! Hit the meme below and you can join the Partner Recommendation Group!

Really looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


Partnership Benefits (and they get this for free! :heart_eyes:)

  • Own branded group(s) for each partner so they can host discussions with their own community.
  • Tailored link to share with your community , which will auto-enrol their member in one or more partner groups.
  • Recognition through partnership announcement & website listing .
  • Inclusion in partnership group(s) for networking , and supporting decision making at Better Century.
  • Annual partnership insight report about key topics of discussion & the real barriers to making a Better Century.
  • Invitation to partner on a series of digital events whereby Better Century will host a series of recorded online webinars with partner leaders talking about solutions to the big issues of our time.

Please help us find the right organisations to partner with by joining our Partner Recommendation Group.

What you need to do to become a Research Associate

All you need to do is suggest 3 organisations through this group, and then you will be invited by @Helen or @Tom to be a volunteer Research Associate. You can then ask to join the Research Associate Group.

Once in you will be asked to introduce yourself to the group detailing some of your experience and the time you have available to research organisations for Better Century.

The Role of Research Associate

The role of a Research Associate is to take data from this group and place it onto a form, where additional research is demanded regarding mission, values, environmental policy, and appropriate contact details to engage the organisation in partnership. The Research Associates will then approve recommendations and reply back to those who have suggested them.

Better Century is looking for a sprint to collate information. We aim to get as many organisations researched by the 11th November, when we will be implementing a considerable partnership engagement programme.

We are asking for Research Associates to commit 4 hours a week at any time to help do this work during this busy period.


Thanks @Amanda, @Andrew_Gilhespy, @blevene, @bulgakova.ak @ClareOK, @KarenM, @klw, @marietouchon, @SaraCP, @Sophie, @SPreston, for joining the Partner Recommendation Group.

I think we need about 200 to join to get the level of research done in time, so please come and join and chip in your ideas!!!

Also - we’ve already had tonnes of suggestions - please like them or criticise them, @Research_Associate’s are on the case to review suggestions further so they can then be contacted for partnership.

Together we can find all the organisation that can help us make a Better Century and make this community massive and impactful!

Please get involved!


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