Volunteering opportunities at Better Century

Volunteering at Better Century

If you’re passionate about helping Better Century achieve its mission we would love it if you could help in a voluntary capacity. To achieve growth of our concept we will always rely on volunteers. We will reward volunteers with increased access to input on decision making and as we grow will offer some talented volunteers paid roles.

This topic will be updated with volunteering opportunities at Better Century as time progresses.

Partnerships Research

We’re doing a great job in this area but could always do with more people to help suggest potential partnerships and update our list of partners to approach. By researching partners you will take a titled position on Better Century as Research Partner. Detail of this work can be found in this topic.

Partnership Recruiter

We will be giving volunteers permission to make partnership approaches themselves. This will be to community groups, celebrities, and influencers. If this is something of interest it would be great if you have been involved in identifying them first. Our Partnership Managers @kl07b and @Paddy_V will identify people to help in this area, but write to them if your interested.

Copy Writing and Proof Reading

We are developing a lot of copy at the moment and we need creative writers to help develop really attractive copy. I have at the moment a partnership prospectus I’m working on which I need immediate assistance with.

If you’re interested in this please join this group.

Digital Events

We are setting up a series of digital events for Better Century and have listed some potential topics in this post. These events will be held on evenings and will be entirely digital therefore these can be done from the comfort of your homes. If you’re interested in being a Digital Event Programmer or Digital Event Manager then please join the relevant groups detailed below.

Digital Event Programmers

Members will be given the title ‘Event Programmer’ and will help identify potential speakers for events, and develop appropriate speaker briefs from templates creates. Authority will be provided through the group administrator to approach speakers.

If you’re interested in this please join this group.

Digital Event Managers

The role is to promote the event and help manage it on an evening. Individuals help people register for the event and login through our webinar systems and will shortlist questions to be asked to the panellists.

If you’re interested please join this group.

Graphic Designers

We are looking for people with experience in graphic design to help create animations and digital promotional images to help promote Better Century. If you have skills in this area you can be part of a group creating excellent content to be shared on our social media channels.

If you have skills in this area and can help please message me.

Social Media Centurites

We want to coordinate social media promotion at Better Century. If you’ve developed a following on social media you can help get our message out. If we coordinate these messages we can create noise about a particular topic of discussion, digital event or Better Century promotion.

Come and join the group and help coordinate our social media promotion.

Social Media Managers

We need social media managers to help manage our current social media accounts, as well as increase the social media following we have. We are currently running twitter and facebook, but need people interested in Instagram and other channels to help in this area.

If you want to do this please join the Social Media Centurite group and message me detailing your interest in this area..

Better News Moguls

We need to start topics on news stories and respond to news stories on various sites giving community opinion. Press releases need creating and sent to news outlets. Those delivering this role will given full authority to operate as a group to develop this type of content to promote Better Century.

Please join this group if you’re interested in helping in this area.

Community Management

There is always a role for moderating and helping the community develop. This role would be to:

  • Engage people to write longer topics on things they’ve already shared about themselves.
  • Tagging existing posts so our web of information keeps growing consistently
  • Dealing with flagged posts.

Message me if you are interested in helping in this way.

Better Guide Creators

Those with research skills who have found gaps in our knowledge base can help by starting group discussions around the creation of guides to help condense information on Better Century into usable guides. The role would be to write condensed copy from existing posts and do additional research and then to engage those who’ve provided information to help enhance the guide before it is published.

Please message me if you are interested in these area.

Writing mini blogs

We need people to write about their own life experiences in making changes, and to keep coming back to these topics to provide updates.

We’ve written a post to ask all members to do this but it’s a great way of sharing your own knowledge and experience and being a leader in the community.