Should there be more of a focus on managing population growth?

I saw this article which points to climate activists wasting their time we should have more of a focus on population. Here are my thoughts on the issue. What are yours?

It’s a good article but for someone who’s so adamant about everyone else not having the solutions they present a pretty poor one themselves. Family planning will only tackle population growth in 30-40 years time, the fact of the matter is that average fertility is 2.4 children per women globally, so of course that needs to get to under 2 but that’s not going to happen quickly. In the next 10-30 years we’ll see climate breakdown become worse and if we carry on as we are global temperatures will rise by 5 degrees making the world only habitable for 1 billion people. I’m sorry to say that we need to tackle all these issues at the same time. Population is such a hot potato as it is tied to historic grievances. If we put this the first thing to tackle (when average fertility is still falling (was 7.5 in 1970s)), then we are very likely to fail as it is so politically divisive. I’ve seen this argument time and time again from baby boomers and I think it’s a way to deny action on issues we can do something about. It is a well written article though!