We must stop bargaining with climate change action, and actually act

This is my thought for the week - we are all bargaining with taking action on climate change and it’s a recipe for disaster. From in-person discussions to deferring our responsibility to COP.

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Reports of technological breakthroughs tend to deepen my despair rather than give me hope eg I would rather the Earthshoot prize was given to sociologists and psychologists rather than technologists and engineers. So I entirely accept the premise of this blog about excuses not to take the necessary action. My view is very straightforward - if the transition to a low/zero carbon world is going to be successful then I might as well adopt the necessary elements sooner (ie be part of the change) rather than later. I am not sure that it matters, but recent research shows little difference between the generations.https://www.kcl.ac.uk/news/generational-divide-over-climate-action-a-myth-study-finds

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