Family emergency declaration

This is an idea to link up generations, leaders/followers and households in all continents in the joint enterprise of avoiding climate breakdown and the sixth great extinction. Please pass on.

We, the xxxxs, xxxxs, xxxxxs and xxxxxs – and any others who want to join in, pledge individually and collectively to become informed about the climate and ecological crises and to act accordingly. This is most likely to mean reducing our individual and collective carbon footprints in a way that transparently and honestly follows a trajectory consistent with reaching net zero carbon by 2030, incorporating the most substantial reduction by 2025. We also commit to increasing biodiversity by our actions as consumers and as householders and local activists. We are acutely aware that, while we undertake to do everything in our power to reduce our emissions and protect and increase biodiversity, there are significant factors outside our control. This declaration extends to lobbying and/or rebelling to effect the necessary systemic change.


Like the idea of declaring a family emergency! I’m seriously thinking contingency if we do have a climate breakdown. Thinking I need land to grow food, energy security, electric car and a strong community around to support.

The more I read the more I get concerned.

I think that achieving net zero by 2030 is really hard and will take all families monies to retrofit houses etc. Let alone the latent emissions from just eating and travelling. Halving carbon emissions by then seems more feasible and is in line IPCC requirements to keep temperatures below 2 degree rise… I know there is a lot of uncertainty about the IPCC amongst XR. I’m going to lay aside some time to investigate!

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