Real-world costs of owning a heat pump in a terraced house

Hi there!

I joined this community last year to share my experiences having an air-source heat pump installed at my Victorian Terraced home in Brighton.

Well, I’ve had it for a year now and I’ve just finished recording a years worth of usage data and have published a cost comparison to gas, plus general experiences in switching to one.

It’s been a great decision! Thanks to the RHI it’s MUCH cheaper than gas, it’s cleaner, cheaper, quieter and we love it!

I hope this is helpful to anyone considering a heat pump switch :slight_smile:


That’s good to know, thank you. I’m worried about how pumps might work in a very cold winter. We all know climate chaos is not a simple warming process and might lead to colder winters, and I’ve heard heat pumps struggle when the temperature gets much below -3. I guess in Brighton there hasn’t been much of an issue?

Anyone else have any thoughts on that?

From everything I’ve read about heat pumps used across Scandinavia, cold temperatures are not a problem. The ECODAN we have states that it works well down to “even as low as -25°C”. If the UK got that cold at the moment, I think a lot of gas boilers will start having a lot of trouble :slight_smile:

That’s really helpful, thanks. :+1: