What are the 5 Best Air Source Heat Pumps?

Thinking about getting a heat pump. We’ve just conducted this review of the manufacturers.

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I’ve just had a Grant, which has an A+++ rating. They’re a British company and offer 4 different models - I don’t have access to the price range. The guarantee is only 7 years. If I’d seen your review first, I might have gone with a different option, but I could only get 2 installers to quote and they were much of a muchness. So far, it’s all been satisfactory, with plenty of heat and hot water, but too early to tell yet about the running costs.

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This blog gives Grant a good review and says they’re comparatively priced;

‘For over 40 years Grant specialised in oil fired boilers for off-grid homes, but today the company is leading the charge in the pursuit of renewable heating alternatives. Included in the range is the Aerona³, a highly efficient MCS approved air to water heat pump which delivers exceptional performance, reliability and value.’

Other reviews don’t mention Grant, which is why it’s not on the list. Do continue to let us know how you get along with them.

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