My search for a good price for a heat pump installation - we ended up going with Octopus - here's why

After renovating our bathrooms and picking up my earnings, I’ve finally been allowed to prioritise expenditure at the house on a heat pump. In being in a house without a pressurised system it was a plus point that the heat pump would do this for us!

But what a journey’s it’s been on price. I shared the below email with installers and had to really chase in order to actually get quotes (even though I gave them good information to quote without a site visit).

I had the following prices:

  • £17,420 - including changing the 13 radiators
  • £13,200 - not including radiators
  • £14,000 - not including radiators
  • and £11,800 including radiators (but installing a Daiken).

Octopus were the winner in this journey of costs and I’ve recently had their engineer out to measure up. I was pretty impressed - they were able to link it with my solar, they’d replace radiators in a sympathetic way, they gave good consideration to the design, and they’re going to have an expert team do the heat loss calcs and try and stay within what they quoted.

I’ll keep this thread up to date with my findings. I really have pressed on suppliers and the variance is crazy. Ping me a message if you’re having the same difficulty.

Specification of what I needed

I’m writing as I am looking for someone to install an air source heat pump in the next few months, and was wondering if you could give me a quote?

Some things which may be useful for that:

  • EPC – see attached
  • Floor plan – see attached
  • Actual Gas Usage per annum: 20,956kWhrs (we are currently installing draught proofing and will be installing more loft insulation)

Specification of Units we’d like:

• 8.5-11kW Air Source Heat Pump – installation fair easy as we will require it on the external wall to where the current gas heating system is, and there’s a thermal store directly above (which can be replaced). I fancy the Ecodan model but open to advice. • Energy monitoring pack • PV connection system • Pre-plumbed Standard Cylinder - 170 litres (or 210 litres) • Temperature control with remote access. • 13 radiators replaced with thermostatic controls.

Happy for you to call round if you want to have a look. So you know – I advise farms and other organisations on sustainable technology.


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Just too expensive to take up especially when the grant is so low. Could also do with a low cost loan to cover the rest of the cash required too

Octopus did build the incentive for the heat pump into the quote they gave us (£6,800). It is a lot of money, but I hope it will provide some cost savings, especially in using excess energy from the solar panels, and using low cost electricity at night.