Installing a heat pump in a Victorian terraced house

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This community was suggested to me by someone online so here I am!

I recently installed an air source heat pump (Mitsubishi Ecodan) at home and I wrote up a detailed account of what was involved, in the hope this information would be helpful to others. We’re in a terraced house with not much space, so hopefully it’s reassuring for people to see that stopping use of gas is possible even without large gardens and ample space, which you often see on projects involving heat pumps.

You can read all about our installation here, I hope it is helpful!


Awesome input. Thanks Tom and great site! :heart:

Thanks Tom. We’re in a Victorian terrace too and have been starting to think about this, so your blog piece will be very helpful!


Thanks for your excellent blog post. We are also thinking about getting an ASHP for much the same reasons as you: boiler on its last legs, seems crazy to get
a new one now. I was just wondering how you have been getting on now that it is winter. Is the heat pump giving you amle heat, and has the extra electricity demand outweighed your previous gas costs? We’re nervous about going ahead because we don’t have the extra internal wall insulation you have. The info about the cost of disconnecting from gas was also very interesting as we figuered not having to pay the standing charges into our calculations, but seems that we will probably continue to pay that. Thanks for your input. Matt

Hi Tregy,

Thanks for the message.

Yes we’ve been getting on great! I love it!

I’ve been recording usage (manually) where possible and so far, average daily usage is around 3.4kWh with the heating off (just a hot water) and 10.6kWh with the heating on. Although, apart from reducing the HW temp (because it was too hot!), I’ve been really bad at optimising the system so I can definitely improve those numbers with some effort. Those usage numbers mean that the annual cost should come in just below gas, which is very pleasing.

It works great! I use the central heating on a timer. The radiators don’t get super hot so it takes longer to heat the house, but not that much longer (1.5hours on a cold day, maybe?) - it’s normally set to 21° where the thermostat is (individual rooms vary a bit). It is actually possible to get the radiators very warm (hotter than I thought), but I’ve not because I’ve been trying to be economical.

I do miss my nest thermostat a little (for remote/internet control), but I can upgrade in the future to an internet connected thermostat, I just don’t have the money right now.

The RHI payments have worked out more than we expected so we will infact be able to pay it off with just those payments, and have left over.

I would recommend insulation however. Our internal wall insulation I did myself and made a big difference in the coldest rooms, it wasn’t that expensive (plus we did one room at a time). You could always do the insulation after the heat pump, it might even work out better for you in terms of your EPC rating when you apply for your RHI payments :man_shrugging:

I plan on posting some of the findings online when after winter, and will post back here when I do that :slight_smile:

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