News this week: Bisons Released in Kent, Car free cities, India Bans Single Use Plastics, Invention of a New Battery Made of Sand, and New Evidence Showing Glyphosate in Blood with Links to Cancer

Here’s your weekly round-up of stuff that may well titillate you:

India Bans Single-Use Plastics Such massive news! We don’t know how it will be enforced but it is a demonstrations from a major economy of a bold new policy that combats this scourge on our landscape, seas, and bodies. Check out the news by hitting the pink link.

Wild bison released in UK for first time as part of rewilding efforts. Great news as the Kent Wildlife Trust and the Wildwood Trust pioneer this invaluable reintroduction. The land will absorb carbon more effectively whilst accelerating the restoration of biodiversity, with minimal human interference. The future?

Car-free cities cut carbon, reduce air pollution and help people be more fit and healthy. But… There is a lot of resistance to putting them in place, once they’re there people love them. Hit the pink link to learn more about the research in this space.

Sand Battery Developed by Finnish Researchers Offers Cheap Solution to Balancing Renewable Energy. This battery passes current through the sand to heat it and then stored that heat in a massively insulated vessel, which could then provide district heating. Simple but effective!

Glyphosate - appears in 80% of blood samples in the US. Glyphosate, which is used extensively in farming, is appearing in blood samples of 80% of US citizens in this study. Its presence is proven to cause cancer. Think about what you buy, eat and put on your plants. Another good reason to buy organic!