#naturenow - Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot on natural climate solutions

Excellent hopeful video emphasising nature as a solution to climate change. It supports many ideas Better Century promotes.

@JohnDitchfield and any others. Are there any funds that can be supported that restore nature?


Thanks for sharing this video.

Firstly, individuals with existing investment portfolios and assets in financial products are likely to be supporting businesses strongly on the side of destructive exploitation.

Secondly, I think it is possible to re-align investment portfolio so that harmful activities are very significantly reduced and so that positive activities are supported. What does “positive activity” mean?

The world’s human population continues to increase rapidly and so increased demand for water, energy and other services has to be met. Some companies focus on meeting these needs in ways which reduce, and seek to remove the very negative inter-generational risks. The more obvious examples tend to be in renewable energy generation, pollution control, waste management and transport.

However all conventional funds invest into listed businesses and so these deliver products and services and so are not focused on restorative activity.