Is Money for or Against the Climate Crisis?

Will climate breakdown affect where money is invested, and how can markets create carbon neutral economy? #BetterMoney

There are theories developing that the risk associated with climate breakdown will affect the markets, and change the flow of money. There are also incredible solutions available to investors to help create a carbon-neutral economy.

We are discussing this subject as part of our series of digital events so individuals and organisations can best understand what role their money can play in creating a carbon-neutral economy. Should we wait for markets to catch up or will our choices make a significant difference?

Here is the recording of the event:


Vivek Raja

Senior Financial Analyst @Shore Capital

Vivek has worked in equity research for over the last decade mostly covering financial companies. Decisions upon his advice affect investments across the world. He will bring a day to day insight into the world of finance in answering this question.

Rachel Mountain

Head of Marketing and Communications @ Ethex

Rachel is responsible for the marketing and communications activities at one of the UK’s leading positive impact investing platforms Ethex and its sister platform Energise Africa. Combined both platforms have raised £85 million of investment from a community of 17,500 people to help more than 90 sustainable businesses protecting people and the planet scale and grow. She has over 20 years of marketing and communications experience, particularly focused in the areas of green and sustainable finance.

Stephen Barnett

CEO @Util

Stephen previously worked for HSBC. He now works with an amazing team to build a completely new way of valuing companies by combining financial fundamentals, ESG tools, big-data analysis and impact theory. He believes markets will be influenced by climate risk and socially responsible investing.

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Thought I would add this interesting article for food for thought for the event:

Moral Money: A warning shot for investors on fossil fuels

Here is a recent piece by Rachel Mountain on the topic of discussion;

There’s also an interesting report which was released by the UK Govt in Sept 2019 called ‘Investing for a better world’ which provides some fantastic insight in terms of what UK people want from impact investing products and identifies areas where the finance sector needs to improve

For those that missed this debate I thought I would give a quick run down.

Our discussion concluded that money is amoral. Whether it is for or against climate change is up to us. The panel found the main triggers to get money to flow in favour of tackling the climate crisis are; innovation, social pressure, state backing for projects and to some degree state regulation.

The role of individuals to influence where money is invested through funds was consistently presented as a key solution, especially in influencing the baby boomer generation. Innovation is needed within the financial sector but also in the creation of projects to tackle the climate crisis, so to provide key demonstration projects. State backing and continued pressure on the state was also identified as being a key factor in accelerating positive investments and innovations.

How institutions accept a higher level of risk in adopting new solutions was left as something to discuss in more depth on another occasion.

I will publish the full recording of the webinar in another post.

Here’s the podcast of the event.

YouTube Video to follow.

Here’s the video of the event:

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