About Better Money

Money is an extension of ourselves. Where we put our money should reflect our values, and if we want to make a Better Century, then our money should work for this same purpose. How do you do that? Join the discussion or start your own topic.

The collective power of where money is placed can change markets. This category discussed how best we use our money, and covers:

  • Banking and investments: Where your money is stored and saved affects where it is also invested…. Are there ways to influence this, what are some cool suppliers?
  • Phone and broadband: Why pay a company that lines the pockets of its shareholders rather than getting just as good a service where profits go into making a better environment?..
  • Insurance providers: Insurance firms make massive investments as security… imagine if those investments were only placed in renewable or biodiversity projects?
  • Pensions: These funds make the financial world turn around. It’s difficult to move pensions but possible - trillions has been moved through divestment… what can you do?

There are loads of innovations coming in this space - what are they and do they work?

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