Community tree planting benefits all!

This weekend I was part of a group of local people planting 800 trees in my town. This was linked to North Somerset Council’s strategy to get 5000 trees into the ground this year.

There were people of all ages there, some who are regular gardeners and others like me, who have no outside space at home. I chatted to one person who experienced anxiety and depression and found it really lifted her spirits that day.

The local Lions group provided hot drinks and there was delicious cake. We got something for ourselves that was positive, as well as planting the trees. One conversation led me to reflect about this, and how, as an individual it can feel as if our contribution is too small to have an impact. However, when you come together as a community, you realise that it’s bigger than you, and gives us some hope.

The Better Century website is such a community that helps us realise there are many people all doing what they can. The previous day, Greta Thunberg visited Bristol, but I did not go to the march. For many reasons, it’s not my thing, but I don’t feel the need to beat myself up about what I don’t do. We should all recognise that we have to live in an imperfect world, and we can’t all participate in every activity that is available to work towards a zero-carbon future.

We need the marchers, protesters and petitioners, just as much as those who more quietly take public transport, recycle or buy local. We can’t do it all, but that shouldn’t stop us doing what we can.


I agree, and well done.

As Edmund Burke said:

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’

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