How we can make a Better Century where all life thrives

This piece is for all those who want a brighter future.

I’ve worked in renewable energy, sustainability, political advocacy and community engagement, all in an effort to tackle the climate and ecological crisis. The problem I face time and time again is the apathy created by the fear of taking action.

No one wants to fail especially when taking action goes against the grain. Our culture is consumerism. If you are tackling these issues you can be marginalised.

As a result, old solutions are adopted rather than pioneering new ways of working. In my experience breaking this deadlock is achieved by sharing knowledge and experience.

So how does Better Century help?

Step 1: Be the change you want to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi)

Building knowledge is best done through experience and the best way for humans to learn is through stories. So let’s start creating our own story and let’s share it!

Better Century allows everyone to build a profile which tells your story of learning and acting for a Better Century. Maybe this is something you’ll show your relatives when they are asking ‘what are you doing about this crisis then?’

Start today and build your profile.

Step 2: There is nothing greater than to do something for others (Martin Luther King)

There are loads of people and organisations out there who need information about what to do. We can act as an experienced knowledge centre to help them.

By sharing our experiences, as well as the products and services which have worked for us others can have the confidence to do the same.

As others join the community we could influence the mainstream.

Join today and be the change-maker.

Step 3: Alone, we can do so little, together we can do so much (Helen Keller)

Collective knowledge can tackle community challenges. Our demonstration projects and knowledgebase can inspire places to transition.

Working together we can pool our knowledge, experience and skills, and provide support to influencers and decision-makers.

Help co-create a Better Century today by joining our community.

Do you agree?

What’s your view on how we influence others to make a Better Century?

What would be your vision of a Better Century?

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