The Big Climate Fightback

Hi all

We are a small team working together with Danny Clarke (aka BBCs Instant Gardener / The Black Gardener). We met Tom Beckett at The Big Sustainability Expo in Southampton yesterday and are very glad to have found your social network.

Danny is an avid supporter of sustainability and although his voice in the media is not yet fully heard we are working really hard to give him air time off camera and tell the world what he cares about. Shallow as it seems his power in the media can help raise awareness to issues that are not frequently voiced, and we want to do all we can to use that to our advantage on environmental issues.

We have just posted a blog about the Big Climate Fightback for the Woodland Trust in the hope that it may get media support amongst his contacts. We hope to do more. Look forward to getting involved and thank you for letting join in.

Regards Danny, Michelle and Neil


It was great to meet you guys. Always great to see another well known voice being raised for the climate and ecological crisis. Excellent work!

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What an incredible goal! I’m sure the media will pick it up soon - I’ve seen lots about big tree-planting projects in India, the USA, etc.