Coca-Cola is Once Again the World's Largest Polluter. Let's Get Them to Fix It!

Today’s Coca-Cola brand stands for pollution and childhood obesity. For the second time in a row, they’re the world’s largest plastic polluter.

Back in the 1970s, their brand used to be known about teaching the world to sing. Can you believe it?

A recent global audit found there was more Coca-Cola plastic waste in our environment than the next three big consumer companies combined.

The environmental group had 72,541 volunteers in 51 countries collect plastic waste in September, and 43% of what they found were marked consumer brands, the Guardian reported. Coca-Cola was number one, with almost 12,000 Coca-Cola products found in 37 countries.

Nestlé and Pepsico were next.

What can these big companies do to make a positive difference? Let’s talk about this.

Here is one idea: a marketing campaign that focuses on educating its customers on how to dispose of their bottles to preserve nature. It’s a win-win. It all begins with creating awareness. What do you think?