7 New Years Resolutions That Can Transform The World

Here we provide seven New Year’s Resolutions. If everyone did them we would transform the world! 2020 can be the year we turned it all around!

Cut personal carbon emissions by 10%

You’re in control of your family’s destiny. Governments and businesses are failing to act, but that’s not what matters. Our choices contribute to climate change. Each of us needs to be the change we want to see in the world.

This year why not make a resolution to cut 10% of your carbon emissions. Check out our guide - you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Reduce purchase of single-use plastic

Single-use plastic is swamping our rivers, lakes, and oceans. It’s everywhere! When accumulated, it disrupts biological ecosystems and is killing the ecology around us.

Make a resolution to stop buying water in plastic bottles or start carrying a reusable coffee mug.

Each item makes a difference. Check out our Plastic Waste Challenge, which will give you loads of tips - if you want to push the boat out, why not take it!

Cut the car out of commutes

Personal daily travel is 17% of the average person’s carbon emissions in the UK. Many of us sit in our cars daily, to work or school, and get frustrated and stressed. Why not walk, cycle or use public transport instead!

Get fitter and enjoy time outside of your metal box! Check out our forum discussions where people have managed to get this done and have enjoyed it!

Make an ethical investment

You can make an ethical investment for as little as £5. It feels good as you’re learning that your money can make a difference.

Make a resolution to invest in a positive future! Learn how in our Money Category, and make this the beginning of a journey.

Become a flexitarian

Producing meat is inefficient, takes more land, and produces fewer calories per hectare than vegetables or fruit. It’s causing a massive ecological impact. Please don’t get me started on those farts! Animals fart a lot, so it’s very carbon-intensive. Fact, 17% of an average UK citizen’s emissions come from meat.

Become a flexitarian in 2020! Try and eat vegetable-based foods and then treat yourself to some juicy meat, when you really want it, instead of making it the norm. Check out how others have done it.

Write to a policitian three times

If you’re frustrated that putting solar panels on your house or buying an electric car is too expensive, then we need policy to change that.

Write to your MP or Councillor and follow them up with two more notes so they get the picture! Get support from members of Better Century to learn how to get started.

Persuade others to live well

Influencing public opinion is something all of us can do in 2020. This decade can be the one where making a better future becomes fashionable.

Showing others what your doing to make a difference is the key. Share it in conversation, on social media and here at Better Century! We all need to be proud of what we’re doing. It will shift cultures.

Start by sharing what resolutions you’ve by hitting reply to this topic, and share this advice to others on your social feeds!

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Like them Tom. Given the population has gone up by nearly 2 billion in the last 20 years I wonder whether we are missing the key area … less people would help …


Very good point but how would you translate that into a resolution? :blush:

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These all look great (although I had to look up what a Flexitarian was!) - I’m doing most of those but persuading others to live well is a really good one. Just getting people talking and thinking about what they can do is so important.

Totally agree with @Alandawson66 - although it’s such a difficult one to address and as you say @Tom - not one that we can easily put in our resolutions.

Yes a tough one for a resolution. But the toughest ones are often the most valuable. Frankly it is mankind that is destroying the planet, the good things we do to try and turn back the clock, avoids that key question. With less people we’d just have less damage. It seems to be the tough question that everybody avoids in favour of the easier options.

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I know. I’m thinking about proposing a motion to Green Party conference to include in policy for local authorities in the U.K. to establish a sustainable population of their region. We really need to have this conversation at a domestic level and I think some environmental groups would do well to start it!

Seems a sensible idea to me. People have to realise it is about not having as well as not doing … even if it comes at a personal expense / cost …