Organisations Found by Our Community to Transform Lifestyles

After living in Indonesia and seeing the issues we are causing through our waste and lifestyles I came back to the UK inspired to make some change. We are imposing our waste (including recycling waste) on less developed societies who lack the resources and understanding to process our consumption. If we as a developed society cannot process our own levels of consumption, then we should be the first people to make changes.

Through being in the Partnership Recommendation Group I’ve made some interesting discoveries, through doing my own research and seeing what recommendations others have provided, which are listed below.


  • Halo Coffee is a coffee capsule company (Nespresso Compatible) that is compostable @Juliet
  • Keepcup or Ecoffee cup are among a few reusable coffee cup companies made from sustainable materials @marietouchon
  • Oddbox, allows you to buy in season fruit and veg that is a funky shape or colour and would otherwise have been thrown away.
  • The Beeswax Wrap Company is reducing food waste by keeping food fresh without using unsustainable cling film @Juliet


The Ethical Consumer Mag and Permaculture Mag are magazines that are creating communities by making information and sustainable products more accessible to the average conscious consumer. @clokiedeena



Without this platform I would have struggled to find such a wide variety of these organisations, campaigns and businesses which are creating options for us to make positive change. Through Better Century I also found out about the Global Action Plan and have since become a member of their Youth Panel, this opportunity would never have arisen if it weren’t for this exciting new community.

Thank you to everyone for their contributions so far!


Thank you for this post, Zabrina! Very useful information. Do you have any images from your trip in Indonesia?

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