That old classic Sodastream

It’s a guilty pleasure having fizzy drinks, but I still enjoy it on occasion. I started thinking about the packaging and ingredients in various fizzy drinks (most of it is water!!!) and realised that I could save money, transport emissions (mine, the supply chain, and from waste transport), and reduce waste/recycling impacts by getting Sodastream. I found out that they also do organic flavours!!! I’ve ordered the plastic-free version and there is a sale on online. If you fancy getting one here’s a code they gave me for 10% off:


I have a soda stream with an assortment of drinks. Definetley worth it and saves money,plastic and the hassle of carrying large bottles home

Has the soda stream worked out for you?

I didn’t see this topic originally. We have had a sodastream for about 10 years I think (so it’s not a plastic free one - but if it ever dies, that’s what will replace it). For us it was more about sparkling water than fizzy drinks, but the recent addition of the organic flavours (which come in glass bottles) is quite handy - the ginger ale for mixers etc. I have converted a few people over the years - we have one at work as well. I’ve never sat and worked out how many plastic bottles I’ve avoided, but it’s probably quite a lot!!

It’s been so nice not seeing so many glass and plastic bottles in my recycling bin. One of the best discoveries was using Rocks Organic Orange, Lemon, or Blackcurrant squashes to make fizzy drinks with - these are cheaper than the Sodastream organic mixers for ginger ale, tonic water, etc. Sodastream sent a new gas canister in cardboard packing that could then be reused to send the old canister back to them. The cost of a new canister is only a tenner!


Funnily enough, we’ve just switched to Rocks as well - mostly because they were in glass bottles. Not perfect, but better than the plastic that most cordials come in! We generally replace our bottles via Lakeland - but kept meaning to look into the Sodastream system. We used to use it, but then they stopped doing it for a while.