Brilliant article on the challenge of moving to a low carbon lifestyle and 0% energy efficiency mortgage extensions for Nationwide customers

Here are two things people might find useful:

1. What a 1.5C lifestyle actually looks like.

Excellent article arguing we need to be at 2.3tCO2e by 2030. I think it probably should be somewhere between 5.5tCO2e (half our current footprint) and 2.3tCO2e (half current global citizen), although we will have more people, so prob about 4tCO2e (at least).

Really good read though and reassuring about the benefits - I agree :slight_smile:

Read full article here.

2. If you’re with Nationwide you can get a £15,000 extension on your mortgage at 0% interest if investing in energy efficiency measures.

This is great news that a bank has finally taken the leap. Full article here.