Better Guide to Car and Lift Share Schemes

We spend on average 293 hours a year (3% of our lives) stuck behind the wheel of a car and a driver spends on average £388 a month on their car. Cars cost us money, carbon and stress. Surely there’s a better way?

Our amazing @Research_Associate’s have found some incredible companies to help people reduce their use of cars. These findings will save on the personal and environmental impacts of driving.

Hiring your Car

By using a bicycle and the local public transport, my wife and I have stopped using our car for commutes. It sits in our driving effectively costing us money as it needs a service and MOT every year. I dream about getting an electric vehicle but can’t justify the cost.

I’ve come across an amazing suggestion from @Rachel who has recommended we partner with HiyaCar.

HiyaCar states you could make £650 a month from hiring your car when it’s available and it gets deliver back to your front door. They install a box into your car for free and take a small commission on your hires. People who want to use your car use an app to open your car and use it.

I’ve just signed up and I’ll let you know how it goes. Hopefully it earns me enough money to justify buying an electric car on lease! :wink:

Lift Sharing

Technology has granted us amazing opportunities to cut the use of our cars. There are enormous communities out there helping one another share lifts and parking. Our research reveals some amazing opportunities to ditch the car, save or make money and be more sociable, here are a few.

Lift Share provides you a way to share a lift on your regular commute. Sign up, share your journey and get sharing!

En Route Parking supports commuters to find places to coalesce around taking lifts, and also finds good spots for parking.

Go Car Share and BlaBlaCar are communities of people getting lifts between cities and to events. If you’re a long distance driver then you could make some money and if you want to get somewhere this provides a robust solution.

Car Clubs

These schemes are incredible as they can help you get rid of one or more cars. The model is that you pay a small monthly subscription and then can get access to vehicles using your phone or a card. If you’re under 23 these are probably not an option for you though, as alongside providing a driving license and credit card, this is a pre-requisit.

Co-Wheels has set up a series of franchises across the UK. These local car clubs provide vehicles which are owned and benefit a local community and are located in all major cities. You can even set up your own if you’ve got a group of people locally who want to do the same!

Zip Car runs car clubs in Oxford, Cambridge, London and Bristol. A lot of their cars are electric!

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