About Better Transport

Transport accounts for 27% of carbon emissions in the UK and is the biggest contributor to climate change. But how do we best shift the gear in our approach!? Join the discussion or start your own topic and share your experience.

This category is here to tackle this issue and will cover, amongst other things:

  • Man powered travel: Moving to walking or cycling as a means to get to places (after all 80% of our journeys in the car are under 2km!)
  • Electric powered transport: It is the year of e-bikes apparently and sales of non electric vehicles will be banned in 2040. What’s the best thing - stick with what you’ve got or shift?
  • Shared transport: Loads of new innovations coming through including Uber, Zip Car, and bus companies doing pick ups through apps. Do we actually need a vehicle any more?

Transport is complicated but let’s share what we’ve done to make it simple and better for the environment.

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The city I live in I believe has one of the biggest hydrogen bus fleets in the UK or at least in Scotland. I also really like the idea of Car Clubs using only Electric cars, With the cost of cars a lot of young people in my area make use of them.