Have You Car Shared? What Was Your Experience?

Would be great if people could share their experience of using share car schemes.

We probably don’t all need a car or we need less cars in our driveway. Owning a car costs money and if people live in cities surely it’s just better to share vehicles.

But, if it doesn’t work to use shared vehicles or you are constantly let down, it won’t work for people in the long run. What are people’s experiences of using various share car schemes?

  • Is there a limit on the mileage you use?
  • Can they be used for holidays?
  • What do people do about shopping if they don’t have their own car?

These are the kind of questions lots of people will be asking…

Car sharing is easy where it is available. We have an app for booking a car and a swipe card to unlock the car we booked.

Is there a limit on the mileage you use? There is no limit but we pay a small amount per mile driven. But it is free for the electric cars of the company which is great.

Can they be used for holidays? Yes but not overseas. Will depend on insurance policy of each company.

What do people do about shopping if they don’t have their own car? We use Ocado plus an organic box scheme and it works very well.

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Cheers Jan! Who’s your car sharing provider? Feel free to post a link…

There seem to be different types of car share schemes, those in which you are essentially hiring a vehicle, and others where the group owns and shares vehicles. I am more interested in the second, as the first type is not available in my area.

Is there anyone out there who is part of a car share scheme that owns and runs its own vehicle(s)? If so I’d be really interested to have some info on how it is administered and other details.

Yeah, i’ve heard that question asked on a few other forums but no one seems to have experiences to share… May well get in contact with some of the providers of these services to see if they can get some of their customers to chip in… unless anyone else has any other ideas?